Real Estate Investing is inherently risky. It's also inherently exciting.

See how we can help you feel good that you're making the right choices by calculating the cold, hard numbers.
Below are some of the tools we use to advise our residential investor clients to feel confident in their decisions, whether it's your first time buying a single-family home or your 100th time buying a 4-plex.

Ranking your investment options

Built from the ground-up by Mike. This customize-able tool, along with active research from the team, allows potential investments to be broken down by detail.
Numbers are calculated (including property tax, etc...), and properties are ranked/color-coded to easily pick out the most profitable opportunities.

Know your rent potential

Using an industry leading tool, we research the recent historical rent in the local area, so you know ahead of time what the range of rents are for your type of property. 

Get the nitty-gritty numbers to make your accountant happy

Cap Rate, Cash on Cash Return, Total Expenses...
Not everyone wants to deal with these numbers, but those that know how to use them are nigh unstoppable.
See how your expenses and profits shift, by year, over the planned length of investment.
Spoiler alert: these numbers get huge.

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