Home financing options to "payv" the way to your dream home.

In Arizona, proof of financing is required to make an offer on a home. So speaking to a lender is always a wise first-stop.
If you're hoping to buy soon, you'll want to get a pre-qualification as soon as possible.

If you're just planning for the future, a lender will help you understand where you stand, as well as how to set yourself up for the best qualification and interest rate possible.

We can work with any financing company licensed to work in Arizona. So, if you've found a lender and they're taking amazing care of you, perfect! We're happy to work with them.
If you need someone amazing to help you pre-qualify or advise, these lenders are a good place to start.

Ross Team at Bay Equity

This group of professionals is top-notch. 
They are knowledgeable, communicative, creative, persistent. We trusted Tom Ross's team with our own home loan and won't go anywhere else for our next. 
NMLS: #179446

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Trio Residential

Trio is first and foremost, a modern-day, non-profit, lease-to-own partner.

Once you're approved by Trio, you pick your home. Trio buys the home with an assumable FHA loan, and you rent the home and build up equity until you're ready to buy it.

Trio works with credit scores as low as 550, new jobs, and can even allow you to swap homes when it's time to buy. There's more to know, and a lot more features that make this service amazing.

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